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Fun Test: What Your Favorite Nail Polish Says About Your Personality

Fun Test: What Your Favorite Nail Polish Says About Your Personality

Writer – Brandy McDonald-Johnson

Source – www.womenworking.com

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but nail polish will forever have her heart! Since 3000 BC when the ancient Chinese combined beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes, nail polish has been a sign of class and wealth. Although there weren’t many color options back then, today we have access to hundreds of shades! Experimenting with nail trends and colors is always fun, but here’s what your favorite nail polish color says about you:


Nude and brown gals love being stable. The color brown and its many shades provide a sense of dependability. People who like brown or nude prefer reliability over flashy, material things. They are genuine people who see the value of telling the truth. They also know how to stay cool, calm, and collected. If brown or nude is your color of choice, you have a natural consistency about the choices you make.


Girls who love to wear pink polish love to keep it cute and classy. Because there are so many shades of pink, there is room to switch up the message they wish to portray. Light pinks send a message of elegance and style, while brighter pinks scream fun. For many, pink provides a sense of security and signifies happy, approachable energy. Whether you wear the brights, the lights, or the in-betweens, you like to maximize the fun.


Blue polish lovers are sensitive people who are always thinking of others. They love creating harmony between situations, and love creating stability for their loved ones. Despite its solemn reputation, blue represents patience and trustworthiness. Purple is associated with royalty, individualism, and fantastic intuition. If you like purple, you are artistic and creative. Although blue and purple come with their own set of differences, they share some of the same values—like uniqueness and a huge belief in loyalty.


Reds and oranges go together because they’re so similar! Both colors bring the party to life and shine as natural leaders. While red lovers bring strength, energy, ambition, and passion, orange lovers have a taste for glam and a flare for the dramatic. People who like either color are determined, and take pride in their work. They don’t hide their feelings (good or bad) but don’t hold grudges for long. They like to live in the moment and are often seen as social butterflies when placed in a group. If a red or orange lover ever invites someone to a party, it might be the best one they ever attend!


One thing that yellow and green have in common is growth. The freedom and sunshine associated with yellow mixed with the peace and renewal associated with green give off a genuinely happy vibe. Green and yellow polish lovers are aware of what people think of them, but don’t let it affect their energy. They also strive for consistency in whatever they do and don’t mind sharing their personal experiences with others. Their spontaneity and quick thinking sometimes saves the day.


Who doesn’t enjoy the simplicity of the color white? While most associate white with purity and innocence, it can also indicate logic and independence. Those with a preference for white are organized and have a well-crafted, refined taste. They have high expectations and don’t always deal with disappointment well. Nonetheless, they have the distinct ability to portray a sense of control in most situations. Once people get to know a white polish lover, they grow to appreciate their wisdom.


Ah, classic black. Sometimes associated with mystery and caution, black really gives off a feeling of power and authority. A lot of people who wear black nail polish are not introverts, but still cautious about who they share the details of their lives with. They are artistic and creative but choose to show it in untraditional ways. They are very articulate and don’t have a hard time with self-control.

Do you like to switch up your nail colors? To make it even more fun, try to embody whatever personality traits fit that specific color. No person fits into one box, so make it interesting by combining colors and becoming a new you!

Disclaimer: This article is for your entertainment purposes only.

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